Annabel "Anna" Steel is a 16 year old girl and character in the Nexus Academy roleplay.


Early LifeEdit

Annabel was born to Emma and Neal Steel on January 31, 5000. Both her parents were wealthy and powerful before their marriage, afterwards they only went up. Because of their status in society, they often abandoned her into the care of nannies or relatives. This caused her to act out in order to get their attention.

Discovery of Powers Edit

Her powers were discovered while she was in the care of her Aunt Maria, who was an Enhanced. Annabel and her Aunt were playing a game of tag, during which Annabel touched Maria. Because of her physical contact with Maria, she took Maria's power for the next three hours. After this may tests were run on her to understand the full potential of her powers.

Nexus Academy Student Edit

Annabel is a high achieving student with many honors from teachers, mostly because of her parent's status and not her own doing. Annabel is also extremely popular because of her parents statuses.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Annabel is a dirty blond, she has blue eyes, and stands at 5ft 6in.

When in school she wears the uniform with green piping. During casual outings she wears dresses and is always ready for the next socialite event.


Annabel acts like a jerk and a bully to hide her true pain. She feels complete hatred towards "The Gang" because of their camaraderie and relationships she lacks. At every turn she is plotting ways to destroy their group.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Power Absorption- Annabel can absorbs the powers of those that she touches for a short period of time. Anywhere from a couple of hours to a day.



Emma and Neal Steel

Their relationship is built mostly on Annabel's need for approval.

Maria Steel

Maria is Annabel's father's sister. The two of them have a semi close relationship, because of the many times Annabel stayed with Maria.


Dakota Maddox

Annabel approached Dakota and asked him to the Dance, after his initial shock he agreed. While on their "date" she questioned him about what he had been up to in previous weeks leading him to become suspicious.




First YearEdit