Day One
Season One, Episode Two
Futuristic city by rich35211
First Aired August 28, 2015
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"Deep Cuts"

Day One is the second episode of Nexus Academy's first season and the second episode overall. It premiered on August 28, 2015.


September 4, 5016

Quincy and Lock meet up in the meal room for breakfast. After Quincy grabs some protein slop he notices Lock is eating a sandwich, which Lock obtained through questionable means. Claire arrives and the three of them discuss Rohlandu and how well they slept. Quincy departs to shower.

An hour or so later, Quincy, Lock, Claire, Erica Lane, and John Pearce arrive in a simulation room for Espionage class. Lock makes a joke about Professor Nessa, leading her to approach and attempt to intimidate him. Though Lock does not take her seriously, Nessa decides to give him a pass. She instructs the class to split into groups of two. Though Lock wants to work with Quincy, he declines in favor of Claire. Lock introduces himself to the mysterious Erica and they pair up. Nessa chooses John as her partner.

Nessa demonstrates an exercise where a device imprints her with a personality which her partner must get to trust her. But when Nessa takes on the identity of a southern belle- and John's girlfriend- he is repulsed, causing him to fail the exercise. Nessa hands out the rest of the gadgets.

Lock takes on the role of Erica's young son. Erica retrieves the device by pretending to hug him. Quincy, on the other hand, becomes Claire's doctor- with bad news.

As the class is dispersing, Professor Rohlandu Yung enters and asks to speak to Quincy. She offers him private lessons, with uncharacteristic kindness. Quincy declines, and she stalks away.

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Nessa: What is your name?

Lock: My name is Quincy.

Quincy: What? No!

Nessa, Lock, and Quincy

Nessa: I was just looking for you, honey.

John: Look, "honey", how about I pay you five bucks not to talk to me?

Nessa and John