"Erica Lane" is a 17 year old girl and character in the Nexus Academy roleplay.

You're strong, and don't take sh*t from anyone. You're smart and perceptive. At least on the outside. Sometimes you act insecure and almost cheeky and cheery, which makes me question what your real self is. And gives me a headache.

John Pearce to Erica, Scare Tactics

"Erica Lane"
Species Human
Gender Female
Status Alive
Age 17
Date of Birth April 23, 3036
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5ft 7in
Affiliation Nexus Academy
Birthplace London, England
Native Language English
Creator "Erica Lane"
Main Story Season One


Early LifeEdit

Erica was born to Susan and Clark Gray on April 23, 3036 in London, England. At birth she was named April Gray, but because of an accident on the eve of her 17th birthday she was put in a coma. When she awoke it was 5016 and she had no memory of her past.

Discovering her Powers Edit

She rediscovers her powers after she awoke from her coma. It began with voices in her head  that just got louder and louder, but when she mentioned it to anyone they said it was a side effect of being in the coma. Eventually she stopped bringing it up, but as she listened to what the voices said she figured out that she was reading their minds.

Nexus Academy Student Edit

As a student she excels in Espionage. She also uses her powers as much as she can at the moment, in hopes of remembering what she has forgotten.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Erica is a brunette with blond highlights. She has brown eyes. She stands at 5ft 7in.

When in school she wears the uniform with white piping. During casual outings she wears jeans and a nice shirt.


Very shy and standoffish at first, but once others take a chance to get to know her she is very bubbly and upbeat.

She prefers to be relaxed in her attitude, but don't take this as unaware.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telepathy- The power to mentally receive and transmit information.



Susan and Clark Gray Edit

With both her parents she had a good relationship. Since she was their only child, their worry for her after her accident drove them both mad and they both died within a year.


Claire Axworthy Edit

Erica would call her and Claire friends.

Lock Reach Edit

Erica met Lock on the first day of the school year.

Dakota MaddoxEdit

Erica distrusts Dakota, partially because he is so secretive.


Erica has only talked to Quincy in passing and in class, but they have a mutual friend in Claire and so get along.

John PearceEdit

John approached Erica for help with retrieving his memories, but because he was not happy with the results he lashed out physically at her. The next interaction that they had was when they were paired up for a Language project on the subject of "Body Language". They eventually get over their awkwardness and joke around while working on the project.

John was also present when Fergus asked Erica to the dance.

Fergus McLeodEdit

Fergus has asked Erica to the Dance, which she accepted.


Vanessa "Nessa" WingEdit

Because of Nessa's former status as a telepath, she has offered to help Erica with her telepathy. Erica accepted the offer.



First YearEdit