"Fergus McLeod" is a 17 year old boy and character in the Nexus Academy roleplay.


Early LifeEdit

Nothing is known about Fergus' early life.

The Crossing Edit

Fergus was presumably memory wiped and brought to the Academy much like his fellow students.

Nexus Academy Student Edit

Fergus spent a few years at the Academy, emerging as a prospective future doctor of the Coalition. He began to work in the Medical Wing.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fergus was short and skinny, with brown hair and green eyes. He wore the standard medic uniform, with green piping.


Fergus was seen to be quiet, reserved, and respectful. He went out of his way to do right by people and make everyone feel welcome. Despite this, if provoked Fergus could get angry and was willing to get into a fight if he deemed it necessary.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Dark Aerokinesis


  • A ring on his finger that belonged to his ancestors.



No family is known.


Erica Lane Edit

Fergus and Erica got along very well until his death, him feeling comfortable enough in their friendship to ask her to the dance.

Other Edit

John Pearce Edit

Fergus and John seemed to have a mostly antagonistic relationship, getting in a fight on one occasion. Despite this, Fergus was happy to let John and Erica be together.

Ender Ravager Edit

Fergus cared for Ender when Ender was in the hospital, and helped ensure he remained healthy despite his antics.



First YearEdit

  1. Biology
  2. Maths
  3. Psychological Warfare
  4. Survival
  5. English
  6. Espionage
  7. History