Season One, Episode One
Futuristic city by rich35211
First Aired August 19, 2015
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"Day One"

Initiation is the first episode of Nexus Academy's first season and the first episode overall. It premiered on August 19, 2015.


September 3, 5016

Quincy muses on the strange atmosphere of the Nexus Academy while at the student Initiation. He reintroduces himself to a confused Lock. Claire enters, and Quincy introduces his two friends to each other. Dakota then arrives, irritating everyone, especially Quincy who he insists on calling Quin and levitating him. They converse about what they remember and about Professor Rohlandu. Just as they speak of her, she arrives on stage.

Rohlandu gives an ominous speech about working hard. Lock leaves briefly to go to the "bathroom", earning a wry remark from Dakota. As Rohlandu continues speaking, Lock yells out, and his friends react with irritation. After Rohlandu finishes, the friends discuss their schedules as Dakota sneaks away, only to appear again and scare them. The students discuss dorms, as Quincy reveals he and Lock room in 253c while Claire has a single, 201c. Dakota mentions he's applying for a science lab dorm. At the moment he rooms in 113e.

Lock sneaks away again and discovers his sword.He places it into a box and hides it. After returning, he adamantly tells a confused Quincy to leave it alone. The episode ends.

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Quincy: This place is even crazier than I could have thought...It just feels wrong.


Dakota: I've experienced some weird ass things in these hallways.

Dakota Maddox