The Insurgency Club, an unofficial term for Detention Group C, is a reformation group and the basis for the protagonists of Nexus Academy.


Detention Group C was developed by Vanessa Wing and Rohlandu Yung as a way to stop the dangerous investigations of Erica Lane, Dakota Maddox, Quincy Sanders and their friends. Unbeknownst to Rohlandu, Professor Wing and her wards use this club as a front for their efforts to discover the true murderer of Arthur Quon, Fergus McLeod, and Ender Ravager.


Season OneEdit

  • "Look Again"/"Remembrances"- The groundwork is laid for the founding of the Club.
  • "The Test"- Professor Wing forces the group through a gauntlet of dangers in order to force them to come together as a group.
  • "Dakota Maddox vs. Humanity"- After a disastrous investigation by Lock Reach and John Pearce, Lock and Dillion Truxan join the group when they convene to discuss a course of action.

Membership Edit

Bold denotes current members of the group. (✝) denotes a deceased member.

Founding MembersEdit

  • Professor Wing- The mentor and guide of the group, who formed the group after being urged by her pupil, Erica Lane.
  • Erica Lane- Professor Wing's mentee, who is adamant that change be made.
  • Quincy Sanders- A sarcastic and quiet kid with a big heart and complicated past.
  • Claire Axworthy- A compassionate and hardworking girl loyal to her friends.
  • Dakota Maddox- The senior member of the group; simultaneously practical and impulsive.
  • John Pearce- A strong and silent kid, and Erica's boyfriend.

Later AdditionsEdit

  • Lock Reach- The mysterious best friend of Quincy, strangely skilled with the katana.
  • Dillion Truxan- A well-meaning and kind kid pulled into this mess due to his status as Quincy's roommate. Though he is accepted into the group, he chooses not to remain when they bring in Dominic Reed.



The Club tends to work out of Professor Wing's classroom, where they train and plan. They also gravitate towards The Courtyard.


  • Dakota Maddox is the only member of the Club to not be in their first year.
  • Dillion was the first member of the Club to not be a main character.