The Nexus Academy, also known as City State Beta 5, is a school and the primary setting for the first season of the role play. It is run by The Coalition and exists on New Earth.


The Nexus Academy was established by the Matriarch as a way to resurrect the God Gene through the pretense of education. It also seeks to build an army of dedicated Enhanceds for an unknown purpose.


The Nexus Academy is it's own city- state within the Coalition due to the presence of Negatives and the need for a stable living area. It is spread across the city-state, connected by a system of trains. Students are not permitted to leave the school facilities until they prove themselves as trusted servants of the Coalition.

The HubEdit

A skyscraper in the center of the city. This is where the majority of classrooms and dorms are along with the administrative offices. This place is also home to the dining hall.

The ArmoryEdit

A large, domed complex southwest of the Hub. Home to the training systems, armory, and fitness facilities. Housing can be earned here.

The GreenhouseEdit

A complex situated partially off the shore containing scientific facilities. Housing may be earned here.

The GridEdit

Situated at the Northwest end of the city state. The source of power for the school. Students can work here for privileges.

The OfficeEdit

An orb in the farming district. This is the home and office of Professor Rohlandu.

Student LifeEdit


If students are native to this time period, they are normally escorted by armed Enhanceds from their homes. The abduction from the past is often more violent. Students are brought to a white room known as the Wakening. The Wakening is empty except for a white bed, a white chair, and a small koi pond. New students typically awaken in unfamiliar white garments with their memories wiped. Professor Rohlandu sits on the chair and quietly welcomes the student before provoking them into revealing their powers. They are then sent to the Registrar, who will direct them to their room.

Uniform Edit