Season One
Season One, Episodes 1-16
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Season One of Journeymen: The Darkest Age first aired on TBA

The series focuses on a group of questing teenagers trying to find a set of magical items before a dark force takes over the kingdom.

Major themes of Season One included destiny, camaraderie, belonging, and power. All of the characters must struggle with dark truths about their past and future, and some must weigh survival against morality. The characters find themselves merging into a tight unit known as the Journeymen.

TBA were introduced as the main casts in this season. It made them the original main cast of Journeymen: The Darkest Age.


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  1. "Compass Points"- On the day of the Princess Audrey's sixteenth birthday, young page Tristam Wence faces a threat to the kingdom of Clade. Meanwhile, in a small village, Otes and Marianna discover a stranger and a strange quest. (TBA, 2016)
  2. "Take Up Your Sword"- Lexa gives Otes and Mirianna their mission. Tristam meets Audrey for the first time, and Esmour plans his biggest heist yet.
  3. "Supply Run"-
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