The Armory is a location in the Nexus Academy.


The hulking, massive skyscraper housing the majority of facilities related to combat and warfare. All rooms are connected by hallways and a lobby in the middle of the building which extends to the highest floor. A monorail connects it to other Nexus buildings.


Armories Edit

The Armory contains many armories (obviously) containing armor and weaponry of all shapes and sizes.

Dormitories Edit

The Armory does contain several dormitories which can be earned through hard work, though no characters have been met thus far who reside in them.

Classrooms Edit

The Armory contains countless classrooms and training areas for the students to learn in.

Other Facilities Edit

The Armory has many other rooms used for a variety of purposes.

  • One or two rooms were used to store formalwear in preparation for the Winter Dance, 5016 ("Looking Sharp").
  • An individual training room used on several occasions by Dakota Maddox ("Forgotten").