The Coalition is the governing body of the human population of New Earth.

History Edit

The Coalition was initially a United Nations based organization dedicated to monitoring the God Gene. However, as time wore on and being Enhanced became more and more essential to life, they became the governing system of New Earth, brutally enforcing the caste system brought on by the Gene. After the war with the Widows' Circle, they were forced to consolidate to about 10 city-states.

Governmental ProceduresEdit

The ultimate ruler of the Coalition is the Matriarch, a mysterious figure who is rumored to be immortal and all-knowing.

Smaller decisions are made by her parliament, a group of the wealthiest Former Enhanced elected by their brethren, one for each city state. They meet in the biggest city-state- Uanoh. (Pronounced "wah-no-nah").

Law Enforcement Edit

Specially trained Negatives, Enhanceds, and Former Enhanceds, make up the Blinkers, a police force. Punishments for felonies range from community service and jail time to execution and exile.