Wake Up Call
Season One, Episode Four
Futuristic city by rich35211
First Aired August 29, 2015
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Wake Up Call is the fourth episode of Nexus Academy's first season and the fourth episode overall. It premiered on August 29, 2015.


October 22, 5016

Claire and Erica head to the Medical Wing to check on the comatose Ender. They reflect on their inability to save him, and his deteriorating condition. They meet Fergus McLeod, a medical aide who befriends them almost instantly. The three of them decide to go for a walk.

At the library, a frustrated Quincy and Dakota meet up. Their searches for the mysterious "Network" have yielded nothing. They experience a brief moment of camraderie before they are interrupted by Annabel Steel, who insults them before taking her leave. Quincy is struck by an idea and the two leave the library.

Claire, Erica, and Fergus are strolling through the artificial Courtyrard when they run into John. Fergus and John rub each other the wrong way, and soon find themselves violently attacking each other.

In his dorm, Quincy avoids detection by pretending to be involved with Dakota. Once the cameras go down, he and Dakota discuss the objects from their pasts which they have retained, and how hacking into the Academy's computer system could give them access to the location of Arthur's. After an argument, they agree to find help. Dakota leaves to sleep and Quincy heads for a walk.

On his walk, Quincy stumbles upon the fight between Fergus and John. He fails to stop it, and is injured. The fight escalates until Claire's hydrokinesis manifests and she quiets the madness with the water from the fountain. However, Professor Wing enters and declares that all the kids present have detention.

In The Orb, a recovering Rohlandu, speaks with an apparently alive Arthur Quon about The Gang.

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  • This episode was rewritten.


Dakota: "I don't know what we got ourselves into but its serious. Somebody died over it."

Dakota Maddox

John: "Nice right hook, kid."

John Pearce to Fergus McLeod